22 Sep 2011


I got some Japanese sweets which have a nice package design. I'm going to enjoy them now.

20 Sep 2011

Skinny jeans

They are my new skinny jeans. Even if they are very tight, they stretch a lot so they fit my body nicely.
But the most reason I bought was their price!

T-shirt: Destino
Jeans: VENCE

19 Sep 2011

Day of shopping

I went shopping with my sister.
Streets are full of Autumn/Winter clothes now.
We really enjoyed looking around shops.
I haven't worn these jeans for a long time because skinny denim was always my daily style.
Now I tried some different style.

Top: Lope picnic
Jeans: moussy

To everyone

I'm starting my new blog.
I'm going to introduce Japanese culture specially fashion through my life.
I hope you enjoy it!